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The 3 pillars of AI-Writer

Web Surveillance

Get a report of new content posted on specific websites or found through specific keywords.

  1. Specify websites and/or keywords to monitor for new content
  2. Get your report with all important new information
  3. Leverage summarization. Don't waste time.

Research & Write

Get a new article drafted, full of information and ideas to write about.

  1. Specify a topic you want to write about
  2. Get a content-rich, information-dense research report
  3. Get new ideas. Identify concepts. Start writing.

Text Rewording

Submit any kind of english text and let the AI reword it for you.

  1. Draft your article by simple copy&paste from various sources
  2. Add text from external sources, edit the article, do whatever you want
  3. Let the AI reword it. Get unique content. Post it.


Raw and un-biased, without any postprocessing or cherry picking

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    "How Does Machine Learning Work"
    "Benefits Of Content Marketing"
    "How Does Clickbait Work"
    "The Future Of Ai In Marketing"
    "Best Anti Stress Tea"
    "How To Write Good Headlines For Your Blog"
    "How To Write A Good Blog Post"
    "How To Determine The Quality Of Wine"

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