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Verifiable Citations

With AI Writer, you get a curated list of citations ensuring factual accuracy, making it ideal for trustworthy marketing and academic essay drafting.

Up-to-Date Information

Our AI text generator ensures content remains current, always connected to the internet for the most up-to-date insights.

Guaranteed Originality

Our AI article generator ensures your content is plagiarism-free and unique.

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We don't claim any copyright on what the AI generates. Use your generated articles however you want!

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Input a headline and watch our AI craft unique articles with credible sources. Never draft another article from scratch again!

Tailor Your Article

Have full control of your article between the first prompt and the final product. Adjust keywords, set your headlines, define paragraph counts, and so much more.

References Included

Trust is essential. Generated articles always come with a list of citations you can manually check for accuracy.

Keyword Selector

With precise control over keywords and headlines, ensure seamless integration with your keyword strategy.

Rewording + Proofreading

Same content, new text! If you already have a piece of content that you would like to re-publish or brush up, we got you covered. Submit it, wait for a minute, and your article is better than new.

Topic Suggest 2.0

Find what you are going to write about next, with ease. AI-Writer will find out what Google is looking for and finds the perfect topic for your next piece of content with SEO in mind.

I use AI-writer as an amazing research tool for complex tech and engineering subjects. It quickly spills out queries with links to high-level resources that would take me hours to find.

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Henry Oganga, Content Writer

Tech blogs usually took hours of my day to get the right 500-700 words. Now with AI Writer, it takes minutes and I have an article that says the very thing I was searching to say. AI Writer was such a great collaborator that I had to give it co-author credit!

GS Jackson, Co-founder / CMO, Bassed.IO

AI Writer is a great time-saver when I use it to research topics and to provide inspirational writing prompts. 5 Stars

Alicia Dale, Ghostwriter

AI-Writer's website provides a great service to our business. The articles are unique, very informative and very good quality. Our adsense income on many of our websites have increased thanks to all the informative different contents AI-Writer's website is providing through their articles.

Chief Operating Officer, Devenia LTD

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AI Writer proves invaluable for academic projects, whether you're drafting essays, writing research papers or identifying the latest trends in a field.

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Those focusing on Marketing & SEO can count on AI Writer to produce targeted content that not only resonates with audiences but also improves search rankings.

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Everyone producing and publishing content can greatly benefit from AI Writer's capabilities, ensuring both the speed and accuracy of their reporting.

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The Article Tailor Workflow

Step 1 - Choose your keywords

Get the focus of your article just right! Perfect if you want to write about specific aspects of a topic or if you are optimizing for SEO performance.

Step 2 - Edit your subtopics

Freely structure your article! You have full control over the parts that make up your article. You can edit, remove and add subtopics or change their order.

Step 3 - Get your word counts right

Control how much to write about what! Not much to say about this. You can decide how much emphasis to put on each subtopic, that's it.

Result 1 - Article + Fact Checking

Each paragraph comes with it's own fact checking! The AI generated text always comes with fact checking side-by-side. Don't trust what you can't verify.

Result 2 - References

Properly cited sources for you to dig deeper! If you want or need to dig deeper into the topic, you will have enough references to do so.

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