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How AI Can Help In Content Marketing

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Last updated: September 27 2022

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As part of any digital marketing strategy, content marketing could benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Since great content is just as important as frequency when it comes to content marketing, artificial intelligence could become an excellent solution for successful content marketing strategies. Content Intelligence helps fine-tune content marketing strategies so that they generate a variety of types of content to suit different stages of their purchasing journey. Content intelligence basically helps marketers to better understand their content and audiences, so that they can make better decisions and enhance content marketing strategies.

Content intelligence provides valuable insights about your audience that can help you better serve their needs and better target them to drive higher engagement. Better insights can lead to better decisions regarding content planning or your content strategy. By understanding what content you have now, and how it is being received by the audience, data can guide changes and refinements in your strategy on the fly.

Predictive analytics can also assist in content creation, by anticipating which content is going to resonate with customers and which topics people are interested in. Predictive analytics also gives marketers insights on which content to target for which groups of customers. The data the algorithms gather and produce makes it easier for marketers to figure out which content to target customers with, and what channels to use, when. Data such as age makes marketers more equipped to build deeper connections to existing as well as prospective customers.

This is tremendous for digital marketing, as strategists can then deliver tailored, valuable content to individuals at every step in a customers journey. AI is helping email marketers deliver tailored content to their subscribers and target audiences. AI is especially helping email marketers send tailored content to their audiences, thus keeping them engaged or prompting responses.

AI is helping create more efficient marketing strategies, improving customer experiences, and changing how companies engage, nurture, and convert prospects. AI in content marketing can help marketers increase ROI through competitive analysis and marketing research. By adopting AI-based content creation processes, organizations are able to achieve tailored messaging, increase productivity, and increase content marketing ROI. Artificial intelligence helps marketers perceive the content marketing universe, by exploring users data and giving them an understanding of users intent.

Fortunately, there are AIs out there that are better at providing data-driven insights than humans at informing content strategies. New-age AI technologies like big data, NLP, and machine learning are sophisticated enough to help inform content strategies.

Beyond producing the content itself, AI technology is also used to understand marketing trends better, and it can be a helpful AI tool to recommend content. You can also use AI platforms which leverage natural language processing to edit your content, detect errors, as well as give you analytics about the content structure, readability, and coherence. You can also use AI to detect trends and topics through algorithms that monitor conversations online, like the ones happening on social media, and post content that helps you stay on top of trends and produce content that leads conversations. AI can help marketers craft content of greater value for audiences, analyzing and strategically aligning relevant keywords and wireframes in real-time to enhance every content pillar for tracking and engagement.

Content Intelligence also means that you are able to hyperpersonalize your content to a targeted audience, making it highly relevant and more likely to convert. A good content insights platform can help not only decide on the topics that are likely to be highly relevant in the foreseeable future, but it can detect changes in social media use and marketing efficiency. With the array of technologies marketers can employ to do content marketing as well as to generate new content ideas, it is not surprising that the creation of content itself can, and will, benefit from using artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI to generate content is essential for content marketers to discern target audiences paths, buyers journeys, and interests.

With AI, marketers can look at predictive analytics and create content accordingly, according to data. Predictive analytics helps marketers to monitor consumers behaviors and build profiles from these actions. AI tools such as Automizy and Mailchimp utilize predictive analytics to optimize subject lines to get clicks, provide higher levels of customization and automated content, and identify optimal times and frequencies to send emails.

In addition, you can leverage predictive analytics to send the right format of content, and across the right channels, that is helpful and engaging for people in various stages of their buying journey. Using the toolset, you have access to the analytics that you need to build a strong content strategy and optimize what content you are creating. Optimizing tools leveraging AI can help you create, edit, and optimize content so it performs better on all channels. AI-powered content creation tools such as BrightEdge, Concurred, and MarketMuse can help marketers uncover search intent, perform subject-matter research, and enable the creation of audience-specific content.

For marketers, content also offers an opportunity to differentiate brands, so they will want to evaluate how AI tools can enhance their competitive edge and boost their profitability. Instead of spending hours manually poring through volumes of content to do a competitors analysis, they can focus on creating content that resonates with their target audiences. Taking this approach means that content marketing teams can devote their energies towards creating and improving the user experience, instead of focusing on content analytics.

From finding a target audience to creating content strategies, from SEO to sending emails -- a lot of tasks marketers perform on a day-to-day basis will become automated in some capacity in the near future. As such, holistic strategies that incorporate machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence could be employed to make sure that every component of digital marketing contributes towards improving the rankings of pages. While one is lured into thinking about what artificial intelligence could do to generate content, there is simply no point in producing a quality blog post or duplicate content.

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