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AI-Writer Content Kit™

Keyword Research + Article Generation

Outsource all the heavy lifting to us. Tell us what field you are in and we will take care of keyword research and article generation.

Do you want to grow your organic traffic? No idea what keywords to target? No idea what to write about? Let us help!

Step 1 - We research your keywords

(Tens of) thousand of keywords will be identified

They will be analysed for keyword difficulty and ranking potential

Together with search volume data there will be a risk and reward based ranking

Step 2 - We draft hundreds of articles

The most promising top 250 keywords will be chosen

One article per keyword will be generated
(Using the Research&Write function you already know)

You can directly upload the articles to your wordpress

Or you can use the articles as a draft for effective manual content writing

Step 3 - You build on top of our work

You will get 2 months of the AI-Writer STANDARD PLAN on top

Observe and learn what topics are working well in your particular niche

Find out what articles bring the most organic traffic

Create even more content with your newly gathered knowledge and the power of AI-Writer



Efficient content plans

Don't start every article wondering what to write about, choose from a large list of researched keywords.
Don't start every article from a blank page, use the AI generated draft and get going immediately!

Testing the waters

Directly publish all generated articles to your blog and see which ones bring the most organic traffic.
Use this information to spend your resources wisely, not on articles nobody will ever read!

Gray Hat SEO

All you need is a lot of content? Affordable but still unique and in good quality?
Directly publish the content kit to a Wordpress blog and call it a day!

Only 299$

Book your content kit now and get the following benefits

Keyword identification

Keyword analysis

Around 250 articles generated


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1. You will receive a list of keywords for your approval

2. If it's to your liking you pay by credit card

3. We will analyze the keywords, pick the best ones and generate the articles

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