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Marketing communication includes all the news, media and activities that the company uses to communicate with the market, and to persuade the recipients to accept their messages and take appropriate actions. Integrated marketing communication is the process of coordination of all these activities in various communication methods. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) makes this marketing activity more efficient and effective because it uses a lot of communication methods and contact points for clients to deliver a more convoluted message.

The promotional mix refers to the way in which marketers combine a number of marketing communication methods to implement their marketing activities. Different methods of marketing communication have different advantages and complexity, and their effective use requires knowledge and experience. It is not surprising that marketing communication methods evolve over time, because marketing specialists and their employees have access to new tools and communication skills.

For any marketer planning an advertising strategy, the challenge is to determine marketing communication methods and tools and how to best combine them. To support the planning process, marketing managers often use the approach of the campaign. The campaign is a planned, coordinated series of marketing communication means that refers to one topic or idea and aims to achieve a specific goal.

Effective advertising starts with the same basic components as any other imc campaign: target group identification and campaign goals. When advertising is part of a wider IMC effort, it is important to consider what strategic advertising will play a role in comparison with other marketing communication tools. The next step is to develop a creative strategy for developing attractive advertising. The target group, campaign strategy and budget are clearly defined.

Thanks to tools such as revcontent, the author of Forbes, Steve Olenski, he says that viral campaigns can be placed on the best websites both on stationary and mobile devices. When planning viral marketing campaigns, the message is just as important as identifying the target group. Incorrect campaign may fail to hang and the team that should be promoted should not use it. The team responsible for viral marketing campaigns should not think traditionally, but introduce innovations.

Although it is not clear whether the viral advertisement was initiated by advertisers or whether it came from enthusiastic recipients who wanted to share ads with friends, the viral advertisement significantly changed the nature of internet advertising, removing the element of buying mediowusunieto. As noted by Porter and Golan (2006), viral advertisement differs from viral marketing. While the first refers to a comprehensive marketing strategy, which can include many components, viral advertising refers to a specific online advertising technique. Essentially, a viral advertisement refers to the method of distributing internet advertising, which uses an oral message via e-mail or social platforms as a means of reaching the recipients.

This study aims to incorporate one of the first empirical studies on this new phenomenon of online advertising in the field of viral advertising research. The content of the study analyzed 360 viral ads to understand the creative ads and strategies used in viral advertising. First of all, humor and sexuality were the main advertisement used in viral advertising. The results show that most viral advertisements are intended for a brand rather than a call to act or disseminate information about a product or brand. However, because the phenomenon of viral advertising will evolve, practitioners have found ways to use viral ads as vehicles leading to user's actions.

Viral advertising is based on a computer-based oral approach and is the latest phenomenon in online advertising. The current study is one of the first empirical studies on viral advertising. The analysis of the content of 360 viral ads has shown that advertisers base their information strategies primarily on individual ego-oriented appeals based on topics such as humor and sexuality.

In contrast to many other forms of marketing, social media are highly measurable, allowing marketers to follow the behavior of online customers and the reaction of recipients to organizational content. Social media provide virtually unlimited audience to communicate and exchange key messages on the market. In addition, marketers can use various functions of targeting social media, such as location, interests, income, title, industry and other sociographic distinctions, to easily identify and test the effectiveness of content.

Social media marketing is the use of web applications, networks, blogs, wikis and other media to cooperate in order to communicate brand messages, marketing, public relations and generate potential customers. Social media are characterized by network capabilities: they enable people to connect and interact through connected networks. Social media enable organic dialogue and activities directly between people who are not mediated by the company. Companies can (and should) listen, learn and find ways to participate in an authentic way.

Digital marketing is an overall term for using digital tools to promote and sell products, services, organizations and brands. With the growing dependence of consumers and companies dealing with digital communication, the opportunities and importance of digital marketing have increased. The direct marketing section in this chapter already includes two digital tools: e-mail and mobile marketing, which fall into both categories.

Digital marketing communication is essentially digital marketing that is equivalent to the traditional mix of marketing communication. Digital marketing communication uses some or all of these tools that are adapted to the challenge of online marketing. Of course, there are new and innovative internet tools that are also used in the digital communication mix.

Discuss the changing roles of advertising and various advertising elements in integrated marketing communication. Investigate the changing roles of advertising agencies and other presenters in the marketing communication process. Integrate different marketing communication elements and create an integrated marketing communication plan.

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