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The research question in the study raised the question whether different categories of products in viral advertising use different communication strategies. Effective viral advertising of some product categories is based on creative strategies more in a ritual view than in the view of the transfer. The results of the study show that viral ads focused mainly on the ritual view as a whole and product categories. Viral advertising was not lacking in the approach to transfer, as almost a quarter of viral ads used rationalization strategies.

After the success of games such as Candy Crush and Farmville, many companies devoted themselves to viral marketing on Facebook and other social networks. If we look at studies that study this phenomenon, we find that they either provide descriptive reports on specific initiatives or advice based on individual cases. There is no analysis of viral marketing, which shows systematic processes leading to predictable desired results. In this article, we will look at viral marketing from different perspectives: sender, recipient and news.

Viral marketing is based on this natural human behavior to run campaigns. Domingos (2006) believed that the goal of marketing specialists interested in a successful viral marketing campaign is to identify potential customers for social networks, and then create viral messages that attract this segment of the client and most likely Internetmoze still spread the news. Viral marketing has been very popular with both academics and practitioners for years (Jurvetson, 2000). Based on the previous analysis, many authors express their views on the impact of viral marketing strategy on business.

Considering the effective strategies of viral marketing, this report analyzes the impact of viral marketing on business. Clear knowledge about viral marketing can help the author broaden his marketing knowledge and he will be very helpful in his future work or business, and may even help the readers of this report learn more about viral marketing. To make the research more reliable and to get a thorough analysis, this report was chosen as MySpace, an internet company that seems to use viral marketing strategies to support analysis.

Currently, the company has agencies dealing in viral marketing. Heavy weight fighters in the industry, WPP and Omnicom use viral marketing as part of their overall strategy. One of the potential disadvantages of viral marketing is that getting reliable marketing data can be difficult due to its large reach and geographical diversity. There is also the possibility that the viral campaign will fail, even though significant resources are being used on the platform.

It is believed that the impact of viral marketing is much greater than the traditional advertising (gremler, gwinner and brown, 2001). The BMW is a good example. There are 5 video clips that you can watch and download for free, and then you will defeat 11 million visitors during the4 months. It looks like video clips and the Internet can help in the effective operation of viral marketing. There is a big difference between the activities of viral marketing and mass communication.

After watching the film, the company was able to reveal its true purpose and convince viewers to look for more information about the drink without the need to use traditional advertising. Viral marketing is often used in conjunction with other marketing methods, such as the Blair Witch project. The viral aspect of the campaign caused a stir in history long before advertising, trailers, posters and other forms of traditional marketing.

According to Pew's last survey, nearly 70 percent of people living in the US use at least one social media network. Over 2.5 billion people (growing) are represented in social networks around the world. Creating a viral marketing campaign is a great way to build brand awareness through the power of social media. If two people who are directly related to the brand share content and the number doubles 30 times, it means that more than 1 billion people have made content available.

Supporters reinforce both positive and negative messages targeted at the target group, often due to their reputation in the community. As a result, a successful social media campaign needs to find and engage people who influence the brand by providing them with product information and encouraging them to join the community. Individuals are members of the community who want to add content and interact with other members. The goal of the marketing strategy is ultimately the transformation of individuals into the third group, namely consumers who actually buy the product in the real world, and then develop loyalty to the brand, which is the basis for a lasting positive marketing excitement.

Recipients who receive advertising messages from trusted communication partners are more likely than ever to participate in the campaign. Using the inherent nature of the Internet as a communication tool, viral marketing enables consumers to access information and content in the social network more easily and more quickly. There is no time limit and spatial limitations for Internet communication (Naylor and Kleiser, 2000). Cash dividends can be very effective if viral marketing is not smart enough and attractive to customers. Give a recommendation recommending that they demand the rapid dissemination of marketing information.

Myspace uses viral marketing so that users can relate to each other and achieve great success (Dwyer, 2007). Viral marketing can transform cognition in a lower order and affect cognition and higher order feelings, which in turn may lead to committed behavior by the recipients (Baker, 2005). The credibility of viral marketing in connection with the probability that the recipient is more involved in the marketing message than advertisement, leads to such beliefs and observations of a higher order.

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