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On August 1, 2018, Google released new updates to the basic algorithm, which influenced the search rankings of countless sites around the world. As a result of this update, Google added a few additional parameters that rate the quality of the site and its position in the search. It is clear that trust is one of the most important factors of search content optimization.

The structure of a URL that can help your site succeed on Google, as explained in the Google search content policy. Competition for the highest possible range on search results pages (SERP) is greater than ever, as digital marketing teams invest heavily in SEO. If you improve the optimization of your site, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd and reach a higher range than the competition.

Many people are actually opposed to moving a subdomain to a subfolder to improve placements. Some webmasters may not have a real choice, and if it's the only way to put content online, try. However, in order to increase the probability that the website works well in the search engine rankings, it should be aggregated into one main domain and subdomain. Two or three clicks should be the end of the line for content.

In the case of googlebot, we have no preferences and we recommend that webmasters recognize their users if they choose their redirect policy. The most important thing is to provide correct and consistent redirects or, in other words, redirect to the appropriate content on your desktop or mobile site. If your configuration is incorrect, some users may not be able to see your content at all.

It is possible to use any word to create a unique web address without changing the domain name. Subdomain is an extension of the registered domain name and allows sending visitors to a different web address or indicating a specific Internet address or directory on the hosting account. Most webmasters use subdomains to divide their sites into sections according to specific niches. However, you can also use a specific subdomain to separate your blog or e-commerce website from the main page and create a separate web page for your mobile device and so on.

If you have a static website or a simple CMS or blog, this topic can be quite simple and easy to categorize. When you look at larger websites, dynamic websites and e-commerce stores, this topic begins to be complicated. The real magic lies in finding a way to optimize both for website visitors and for search engines.

Suddenly getting rid of the old domain would be too risky, especially if old links cause such a large traffic on the part of users that they still consider important. If most traffic comes from search results, you can simply disable 301 redirects after a few months to a year. As Mueller said, Google will have enough time to track your traffic and recognize your new site.

Too many key words and link look like spam, which automatically causes tendencies. Google and Bing have become acquainted with the stuffing of key words, so it can not be useful. If anything, stuffing with key words will result in you being punished immediately and in the long run.

For example, factor analysis over the last three years caused a decline in the importance of key words in domain names, especially in URLs. However, they are usually more important for the optimization of transaction pages than the pages of blog posts. If you try to enter more key words, the URL may look like spam and may be against you in order to optimize for search engines.

Choosing the cervical artery and pushing only the product pages is synonymous with the vision of the SEO tunnel. Our first explorations of the Moz Keyword Explorer are a great source when we counter these plans. Therefore, we can decide what may be appropriate for the main content or additional content page.

Because the key point in SEO is to optimize each element of the website to get the maximum SEO juice and achieve the highest possible ranking. We strive to create a website with an addictive, original content that cautiously contains selected targeted SEO keywords. Each element of the project is thoroughly analyzed in terms of effectiveness in attracting and retaining visitors. Even selected colors affect the site's success.

The URL leads to a file, not a directory. This is no longer the case. If an internet page can be opened with more than one stroke or without it, Google may consider multiple indexing of the same page as a duplicate content and mark it as spam. In addition, multiple crawling may interrupt incoming traffic, which also affects your placements.

The URL specifying the protocol that must be used by the web browser, and the method for transmitting or exchanging data in the computer network is defined. In the past, http was the most frequently used protocol, but due to changes in the algorithm of the search engine and new industry requirements, a safer version called https is currently dominating the network. In addition to two options, mailto: to open the e-mail client and ftp to handle file transfers, it can also be displayed in the address bar.

Ciagi URLs should provide a signal to search for robots that suggest a topic about the content of the page. Basically, you provide details to describe what your site is about. The URL is one of the main reasons why users click the link.

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