Impact Of Viral Marketing On Brand Awareness


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Viral marketing is a technique by which marketers deliberately quickly disseminate their message. Like the biological virus, the marketing campaign spreads from one person to another, resulting in a large number of views, significant social contributions and unusual brand awareness. A viral marketing campaign should use the emotions of users, especially positive ones, such as joy and admiration.

Viral marketing can take the form of viral content, movies, e-mail marketing strategies or social media postings. The point is that regardless of which channel you use, your advertising plan will have its own life, announced with verbal and oral words. For most companies, the viral marketing strategy is the fulfillment of dreams. In the end, viral campaigns eliminate the stress associated with finding recipients and linking them to the shoulders of the marketing team.

Early examples of successful viral marketing campaigns indicate that viral marketing can be effective. The most popular campaign of viral marketing, which introduced viral marketing on the map, was the Hotmail campaign in 1996. As mentioned in the previous sections, it is important that marketing specialists understand the process and traps of viral marketing to create effective viral marketing campaigns.

Viral marketing campaigns depend on finding a message that attracts attention, and then strengthens it through various online channels. The actual message may have the form of advertising, but it is often distinguished by interactive elements that can be tagged. Viral marketing, also known as buzz marketing, uses all digital media to disseminate messages sent from person to person.

To clarify and order information on potential viral campaigns, you need to consider the main possibilities of measuring against the goals of a viral campaign. In this sense, some of the most important cognitive results of viral marketing activities may include indicators such as the number of displays, clicks and hits in specific content, as well as the number of social media publications such as Facebook or Retweets on Twitter, which show consumers information received throughmarketing message processed. Measures, such as the number of product ratings or the number of members of the campaign website, determine the number of people who have verified the information provided by Marketing specialists.

According to Pew's last survey, nearly 70 percent of people living in the US use at least one social media network. Over 2.5 billion people (growing) are represented in social networks around the world. Creating a viral marketing campaign is a great way to build brand awareness through the power of social media. If two people who are directly related to the brand share content and the number doubles 30 times, it means that more than 1 billion people have made content available.

Due to the growing importance of the artist's brand, artists should understand the practice of brand management. Consumers should be aware of the existence of an artist, that's why brand awareness is very important. Artists and record companies more and more often try to promote themselves through social media, because it is a free and easy way to reach a large number of people in a short time. This paper explores the impact of viral marketing on brand awareness to provide artists and record makers with a useful and effective tool to increase brand value.

Marketing is the key in this newer concept and it is a new marketing phenomenon that has not been adequately solved by theoreticians. The fact that this is an unusual subject and it will be more difficult to find the right articles, makes writing on this subject more difficult and therefore more interesting. Strategic brands and marketing theories are used as a theoretical point of reference in the evaluation and interpretation of artist branding practices. The focus was on three theoretical concepts: viral marketing, brand awareness and brand values.

The second chapter explains the concepts of brand awareness and brand values ​​in the dance music industry. The third chapter describes the term viral marketing along with the effects of viral marketing. Relations between different variables are explained in the fourth chapter. First of all, the link between brand awareness and brand value will be clarified, and then the relationship between viral marketing and brand awareness.

This research is based on existing theories about brand value and viral marketing and provides new information developed for footballers. The research will focus on the value of the brand that is developed when the consumer knows the brand (Keller, 1993). Other dimensions of brand value, such as loyalty to the brand and perceived quality, appear when consumers know the brand. In particular, this work does not concern the impact of the brand's value, but above all the brand's awareness.

The development of a real brand is important for a footballer who continues his business career when his sports career ends. Fans and consumers in general should know the player, that's why brand awareness is of great importance. Footballers and football teams are constantly trying to be promoted through social media, because it is a free, easy and inexpensive way to reach a large group of recipients in the shortest possible time. However, little is known about how viral marketing influences brand awareness. In particular, this work explores how viral marketing influences brand awareness to provide a useful marketing tool to a football player to increase brand value.

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