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You should definitely change the Seo-hacks first, if you want to create a Joomla website. Therefore, choosing the right structure is very important, because it should be able to effectively handle the rich content and websites. TemplateToaster is a great website development software and website design software, because the topics also fit into Joomla extensions, which greatly simplifies the design process.

In addition to the above 8 tips on Joomla SEO, you should ask for community support in Joomla forums, blogs and tutorials on YouTube to get more SEO training. I think a professional template is good for SEO because the design is clean, the headers and text formatting are correct, the HTML code is clean and the template has no spam links harmful to SEO. In addition, a perfect template is a great way to stay on the site longer. You can choose one of our topics with good search engine optimization and choose your own ideal Joomla template.

The SEO package and SEO update can be easily found in the plugin repository. However, understanding SEO concepts and translating them to the website requires a lot of practice and training. We'll see how easy it is to set up and configure the plugin for the WordPress site owner, who may or may not be a freshman.

Here is a screen shot of the final Google search results from our WordPress vs. Vs.Joomla SEO. Considering the number of blog posts I have read over the years for anyone who says that WordPress is better for SEO than Joomla, I was somewhat surprised that Joomla took a higher range than WordPress in this review. This is not the case when comparing basic applications, because they do not require plugins, extensions, optimizations or other benefits in the standard.

Yoast classifies the SEO result in different areas, using a traffic light system in red, yellow or green. During our tests, we discovered that Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO) is the best equivalent of Joomla for Yoast. That's why the first round of WordPress against Joomla goes to WordPress.

My first thoughts, based on many years of experience in working with Joomla, WordPress and SEO, can be reduced to 3 points. Because of their simplicity, I think that all 4 HTML pages will be placed on CMS sites. I assume WordPress could replace Joomla, but not HTML pages.

All these problems can be resolved or managed without exposing the functionality of Joomla CMS. We hope that this will help you implement SEO on the Joomla website and will prevent you from downloading unnecessary additional Joomla extensions. If you are interested in SEO Joomla, you should also check the Joomla social media extension called SourceCoast's JFBConnect.

Effectively control your metadata in frontend and backend with efseo, one of the best SEO extensions for Joomla. With this extension, meta information for each component can be easily added or changed on the front. The original data is used until the plugin intervenes. After updating the data with EFSEO, the plug-in database contains new records. If you clear them, the original Joomla data will be restored and used immediately.

It has features such as managing custom URLs, processing meta tags, editing .htaccess files, configuring canonical links, and more. In addition, other plugins, such as Meta Tag, can be used specifically for metadata to avoid duplication of content. We used these plugins and easily fulfilled the SEO requirements of our Joomla site.

Both systems now allow you to easily add images, add alt tags and title titles, and define image dimensions. These are good examples of photos. WordPress takes it all through a plugin called SEO Friendly Images, which automatically performs all of the above tasks automatically. One of the things that you should remember for Joomla users: Joomla commands search engines not to index your image folder.

Managing a website and blog becomes much easier thanks to the SEO Keyword Factory in your extension directory. The latest version of SEO Keyword Factory supports key word integration in many languages. From key word support to simple conversions to RTL, this extension is very useful for all Joomla websites.

It allows the user to automatically configure links from key words in the Joomla backend. It also has features that allow the user to enter key words on the market and earn money on the occasion. Keep in mind that this tool will allow you to pay for advertisements with PayPal and carefully monitor the links on your keywords to replace them with expiration.

SEO will have a hard time getting a good result on Google or other engines. It is very important to maximize the diversification of feedback sources to facilitate the growth of traffic from many locations and customer segments. In addition, return links must come from appropriate sources so that recipients of the interested content can be attracted. There is no need to install additional components on the Joomla website to generate feedback links.

Nelma studied sociology at the University of Tampere, and now helps people in matters related to career and motivation and provides useful clues in their articles. If you look at the Joomla extension catalog, you will find literally hundreds of plugins useful in SEO strategies. Many of them have free basic versions, but their improvements are preferred in the pro version. Carefully read reviews and ratings to help you choose the SEO improvements that you want to download (and pay) that match your level of knowledge.

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