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The package contains everything that is required to design and configure a website created with typo3. I try to keep the balance between configurable configurations and useful functions. My template extension does not require a framework.

Typo3 is extremely flexible because the code and content are handled separately. It can be extended with new functions without the need to write the program code. With features such as editorial workflow and workflow, advanced front-end editing, scalability and level of maturity, TYPO3 is used to create and manage websites of various types and sizes, from small websites for individuals or non-profit organizations to multi-language solutions forlarge enterprises.

Frequent requirement is the option of managing redirections. The CMS user can configure, monitor, edit and delete their redirections. Useful when creating short landing pages or when changes in the structure of the site cause links to become obsolete.

If you want your site to appear in search engines, you need backlinks. Links from other websites, but also internal links from your own website. You will receive a simple overview of all pages on which there are no links on your part.

In our fragment editor, you can see excerpts from google shows on your site. In order for readers to be able to read as much as possible, you must write short sentences, add subtitles and use a combination of words. We will check if your copy is legible and gives you a few tips, what should be improved on the basis of scientific research.

You can use yoast seo with extensions that are not based on pages (e.g., Messages). You now have the option to open or reduce the preview of the fragment. In the fragment preview, you can now see both the computer and mobile versions.

Starting from version 2.0, yoast seo for typo3 offers the option of adding analysis to your own data sets. In version 2, the plug-in was also configured for EXT: news and EXT: cal. Starting from version 3.0, you need to integrate Yoast SEO for TYPO3 with your own extension. In this blog post, I explain how you can integrate Yoast SEO for TYPO3 with your own extension.

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