101 Guerilla Marketing Strategies

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Like guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing is to surprise customers. However, along with the ever-changing digital landscape, guerrilla marketing tactics are still evolving. Here are some ideas for guerrilla marketing that will inspire you to the next campaign.

Regardless of whether you survive in this beautiful new world of constant and immediate viewing through rating services, tweets and Facebook posts, it depends on you as the owner of the company. Therefore, it is a big mistake to let your guerrilla marketing be handled by a designated employee or marketing company. Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you must always be involved, always excited and always beware of the business that you publish there.

SEO is not the hardest to understand concept. The most difficult part of SEO is involved in activities that you know are worth taking in the long run. When you do a few basic things, you stand out from the crowd. Understand the basics of search engine optimization, you can use all your efforts online and offline to improve your website ranking. By providing good SEO positioning, you have a better chance of being placed on the first pages of search.

Traditional marketing forces you to use the logo that represents your company as a visual means of identification. Eye points are 78 percent more memorable than points on the ear. Guerrilla marketing warns that a logo does not fit todays world because it only reminds people of the company's name. Instead, guerrilla marketers have a meme that gives their business a visual or verbal symbol that conveys all ideas, such as international road signs.

The British food product is a great example of a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. While some love food, others have developed personal revenge on their founder (who accidentally invented it) and on anyone who dares to mention his first name. Conventional marketing strategies promise to give consumers a positive brand message (updated packaging, emotional attractiveness, nutritional benefits, something ...).

Guerilla marketing identifies two hundred marketing weapons, many of which are free. The heart of guerrilla marketing is the proper use of the used weapon. The basic principle of guerrilla marketing is the awareness of all two hundred weapons, the use and testing of many of them, and then the exclusion of those who did not manage to get out of the park.

Collaborate with a local street artist to see if you can make a mural or simply bring your sociable chalk to the sidewalk to the world. Establish relations with a neighboring company and exchange promotional materials for distribution. To divide your range into another krag than your own. There are literally thousands of ideas for guerrilla marketing, and all you need is a bit of creativity.

Marketing is undoubtedly a form of art, because writing is art, drawing is art, photography is art, dance is art, music is art, montage is art, and acting is art. Join them all, and they wrote marketing, probably the most comprehensive form of art the world ever knew. But for now, put aside the thought that marketing is science and art. Understand that marketing is basically business.

The Red Bull Stratos project is more than just a stunt performance. It has created many world records and has been watched by more than 9.5 million users live on YouTube (another record). Searching for treasures in partisan marketing often publishes online tips about hidden objects scattered in one or several cities. Winners will be awarded with digital codes, prizes or hints for the next stage of searching for treasures.

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